Eagle Leadership Service Project Write-Up

This report should represent your best effort, at least on par with the kind of work you would present at school for a yearlong project and would expect an A+ grade on.  Remember, this is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, and you need to demonstrate that you are ready to join the top 2% who are the ones that make it to the Eagle rank.

For many who will read this book, including the board of review who must accept the project as carried out, this report will be their only way to see what you have done and how it was done.  Be sure it clearly shows that you have met the requirements of leadership and community service.  The more information about the project the report contains, the easier it is for them to evaluate the project, and the more likely they will accept your project.  The cover should show that you are proud of what you have done.  It sends a poor message when a Scout submits a report and doesn't even put their name on it.

Many of the parts of the complete write-up you have already done.  Other parts you will need to write up after you have finished the project.  Be sure to include the entire Workbook including any pages, pictures, drawings, logs, and other information you have added.

Pictures, either print or digital, should be organized in a logical and informative way.  They should be labeled so the reader knows what is being shown and what is important about this picture.  In some cases it is very informative to show two pictures together from exactly the same view, one before and one after doing your project.

Be sure you identify the book.  If you have a view binder, you can make a cover and slip it inside the clear plastic cover.  You can also make an insert for the spine that includes your name and troop.

Be sure that your final report is in the form of a completed Workbook, as required by the BSA Requirements.  Carefully follow the instructions provided about what questions need to be answered in the report.  You should be proud of what you have done, and your report should reflect this pride.

Once you have written all the parts for the complete report and pulled together all the required parts, use your resources to help polish the report.  This is good practice for future important pieces you will have to write like college applications, college papers and dissertations, and important job applications and resumes.  At least three people should proofread and make suggestions.  Utilize parents, Eagle Advisors, Project Coaches, teachers, friends and others who might see things you missed or have suggestions to make it a better report.  In your scheduling, be sure to allow sufficient time to get this done.

Yearbook Information

There are instructions in the Handbook about submitting information for the Chester County Council Eagle Scout Yearbook. Be sure to provide this information through the link in the Handbook. This form collects information for the council records and for the Eagle Scout Yearbook that is published by the council for the annual recognition banquet each year. This process is specific to Chester County Council and do not apply to Scouts in other Councils.

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