Your Eagle Scout Board of Review

The last requirement for the Eagle rank is to successfully complete a board of review.  


After your application and other paperwork have been delivered to the chair of your board of review, your Scoutmaster will contact the board of review chair and schedule your board of review.  The board of review can occur after your 18th birthday if all the other requirements have been completed before your 18th birthday.  


Be sure you know your Joining/Tenderfoot material.  You should know the Scout Oath (Promise) and Scout Law flawlessly.  Check over your uniform to be sure you will present the best impression.  Be sure all your insignia are in the correct places.  Wear a complete class "A" uniform.  If you do not have a complete uniform, talk with your Scoutmaster about how you might obtain the missing pieces.  Wear your merit badge sash (over your sholder), even if you have not received all of your merit badge patches.

A past Scouting Magazine article pointed out 3 common Scout uniforming errors:
wearing the Boy Scout neckerchief over an open collar. (According to the Insignia Guide, BSA No. 33066, the neckerchief can only be worn "over the collar (with the collar tucked in) or under the [unbuttoned] collar.")
wearing an Order of the Arrow sash on inappropriate occasions. (The Order of the Arrow Handbook, No. 34996, states that the sash is only worn "at Order of the Arrow functions and special Scouting activities, when members need to be identified as Arrowmen rendering special services.")
wearing a folded merit badge sash over the belt. (The Insignia Guide says, "A merit badge sash is never worn on the belt.") If you have one, a merit badge sash is very appropriate attire for an Eagle Scout board of review. See for more information on wearing it correctly.
I would add a fourth that I see frequently: Wearing a temporary (camp, trail, training, or other event) patch above the right pocket. (According to the Insignia Guide, BSA No. 33066, one temporary (event) patch can be worn centered on the right pocket. Only one such patch may be worn at a time. Only a world or national jamboree patch is worn above the right pocket.)

Below are links to several web sites with information about preparing for your board of review.  There is a good bit of duplication but many good thoughts.  Take a few minutes to read through these suggestions and take advantage of their advice.

Material to be Covered

The board of review is not an examination.  It is not a retesting of the tests you have already passed.  It is a review.  Your Eagle Scout Board of Review will cover your entire Scouting career.  You may be asked about any of your experiences since you joined Scouting.  You may be asked for suggestions about how the program can be improved.  There will probably be some questions about what you see ahead in your life.

The Board of Review

The board will consist of three to six adults.  At least one of the members will be from the district or council advancement committee.  The board may ask you questions about your entire Scout career.  It will typically last from 30 to 60 minutes.  At the end of the questioning you will be asked to step out while the board discusses your qualifications as an Eagle Scout.  Then you will be asked to return.  Before you leave they will tell you whether you have passed or not.  If there are problems, they will explain to you what, if anything, you can do to correct the issues.  Most Eagle candidates are approved by their board of review.

Appeals and Special Circumstances

If either your Scoutmaster or Unit Committee Chairman do not sign your application or project report, or there is any reason that you feel you may not receive a fair hearing at your Board of Review, you may request an "Eagle Scout Board of Review Under Disputed Circumstances", contact the Council Advancement Chair or your District Advancement Chair for guidance and assistance.

If your advancement is not approved at your board of review you may appeal the decision.  At the conclusion of your board of review you will be informed and told of the process to follow if you want to appeal the decision. This is a very rare circumstance.


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