Submitting Your Paperwork

The summary and checklist for all the paperwork is shown below.  It is recommended that you use this to be sure that all the paperwork is complete when submitted at the various stages of the process.

Completed Workbook Includes:

___ Pages 1-20 from the original Workbook with all sections filled in.  Recheck each page.

___ All signatures on pages 10, 17 if applicable, and 20.

___ Any additional pages, drawings, pictures, logs, and other information to complete the Workbook.

___ A copy of your Ambitions and Life Purpose statement from requirement 6.

Take to Your Scoutmaster Conference:

___ Completed Workbook (see above).

___ Eagle Scout Rank Application completed through your signature.

___ Ambitions and Life Purpose statement from requirement 6 (see application for description).

___ Eagle Project Summary and Yearbook Information Form (see Appendix 3).

Scoutmaster (or Designee) Takes to Council Office:

___ Eagle Scout Rank Application with Unit Approval signatures (unless the Scoutmaster or Committee Chair are not recommending the application).

___ Ambitions and Life Purpose statement from requirement 6.

___ Eagle Project Summary and Yearbook Information Form.

Scoutmaster (or Designee) Delivers to Eagle Board of Review Chair (required before Eagle Board of Review can be scheduled):

___ Eagle Scout Rank Application with BSA Local Council Certification signature.

___ Completed Workbook.

___ Reference letters in sealed envelopes. 

The national advancement policies do not allow you deliver the reference letters.  They also do not allow the board of review to be scheduled until the paperwork is in the hands of the board chair.

After the paperwork has been submitted, your Scoutmaster should contact the board chair and schedule your board of review.

NOTE: If you are turning 18, all the requirements through the Scoutmaster conference, including all the paperwork, must be completed BEFORE your 18th birthday.  The paperwork must then be submitted promptly to the Council office.  Your board of review can be scheduled up to 3 months after your 18th birthday, or 6 months in special cases.

If there are any questions about procedures at any time, contact your Scoutmaster or your District Advancement Chairman.

NOTE: The above description specifically refers to handling the paperwork in the Chester County Council, BSA.  Check with your Council, District, or Troop for instructions on how to submit your paperwork in other Councils.


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